Our Work Place Principles

Family Friendly Work Environment

Employee Council
Is a collective employee forum driven by the site’s pursuit of sustaining LADPOL as a great place to work. The council promotes active participation at work and in the community to achieve a positive culture and work environment.

CONNECT: Oversee all people matters pertaining to culture, values and leadership competencies/behaviours. This team will review survey results, employee suggestions and recommend solutions/action plans to drive improvements.

ENRICH: Develop a robust communication strategy and process to ensure timely and accurate delivery of key information and messages to all employees.

ENGAGE: Lead the charge in identifying and implementing site-wide community relations activities to promote active participation/engagement thereby upholding our corporate responsibilities in the communities.

Rule One: We have few rules.

LADPOL has always felt strongly about maintaining a culture with “few rules.” The few rules we do have aren’t carved in stone. If good judgment deems a rule should change, it will change. Our rules, like our people, are flexible, and when needed, can adapt to the ever-present challenges and changes facing our company.

We even have incorporated this “few rules” belief into one of our corporate Guiding Principles: “The most unfair system of all is one that blindly treats all situations the same. Therefore we discourage rigid rules and policies in favor of a philosophy of individual responsibility and flexibility, so that real needs, rather than the rules, are met.”

We strive to live our Guiding Principles, to cultivate a leadership style that embraces the attitudes of personal autonomy and empowerment, individual initiative and teamwork, employee involvement and continuous improvement, and open, non-defensive communication. In this way, we seek to differentiate Ladpol as a true “employer of choice” and thereby achieve for our Employees, our Customers, our Share Owners and our Communities, the “Associates” factor in the Ladpol name.

Ladpol’s Open Door Policy

Ladpol Associates’s “Open Door” Policy, provides an open invitation for feedback and discussion. The term “open door” is viewed at Ladpol as a recognized right of admittance, the freedom of access to leaders, all in the spirit of our open, non-defensive communication beliefs. We truly believe that to be successful, we need the free exchange of ideas, information and discussion with all employees. Open, honest, and non-defensive communication facilitates the continuous improvement of our company. Employees are encouraged to talk to anyone, at any time, on any idea, issue or concern, starting the dialogue with their immediate supervisor at their various site locations and expanding as necessary.

Our success has enabled Ladpol to expand our footprint of operations for the sake of generating even more success. We work amongst a highly diversified ethnic environment, yet we all share the same work culture. Our Open Door Policy is taken as seriously as it has ever been. Open, honest communication helps the Ladpol team grow stronger. It makes us more productive, more quality-conscious, more efficient, and more satisfied with our jobs. Ultimately, it helps us serve our customers better, which helps us all. This is why sustaining our Open Door Policy is vital to our collective future success.

Employee Feedback:

“Offering ideas for improvements and new products is an opportunity we all share, a responsibility we must all accept. We seek to promote and reinforce an entrepreneurial spirit – a conviction that growth and continuous improvement is everyone’s job.”

Ladpol Associates was built upon a culture that recognized and rewarded personal initiative, promoted development opportunities, emphasized safety and environmental issues, took a trend-setting focus on serving its customers, and shared its success with its employees, its communities and its shareowners. Our people, their dedication, hard work and ideas have fueled our successful growth.

A key component of effective employee relations is staying in touch with employees by seeking their feedback and listening to their ideas and concerns.

Open, non-defensive communication is a key part of Ladpol Associate’s culture. We address each other on a first name basis and our open door policy provides an ongoing opportunity and invitation for feedback and discussion.

Our long-held belief in open communication plays an important role in helping Ladpol grow stronger. We promote open communication in all employee meetings, and encourage private talks with management, as well. Our Guiding Principles Feedback Survey provides employees a frequent opportunity to share thoughts without fear of retribution. Our open door policy is vital to Ladpol’s future success – and the future success of all of us.

Employee Feedback – Vision & Guiding Principles Surveys

Listening, engaging and communicating are essential in the Ladpol culture.

Ladpol Associates seeks to provide a participative work environment in which employees have a deep understanding of work processes and can offer valuable suggestions for improving our overall effectiveness. Employee engagement is an opportunity, not an obligation, so we voluntarily seek our employees’ proactive role in the Company’s success.

The formal mechanism for employee feedback is our Guiding Principles Feedback Survey. Conducted every 12-24 months by each business unit, this survey seeks specific feedback, from all employees, on how well we are living up to the company’s Guiding Principles.